Good news, mostly :)

Hi everyone! Good news first, we are receiving more ducks in and more orders than ever before! Thank you and I hope you have all enjoyed these duck sets.

We are very proud of our super high satisfaction rate. Check out what some of our customers have said:

"I loved these korean ducks. They came very quickly and they were a big hit at the wedding. The quality is very good. If you want Korean ducks, this is a great seller."

"These are beautiful and very well crafted. They made a perfect anniversary present. Thank you!"

Seriously, they did!

Bad news (for some of you), we're temporarily not going to be able to ship internationally or via express. We still offer free 2-3 day shipping, so just make sure to order ahead of time!

We have some exciting things getting published as well, we're so excited to share that news with you when it's official!

– Posted on 07/01/2011

New Korean wedding duck sets

Thanks to everyone who accepted our offer on the promotional wedding ducks!

We also have many new ducks up on our site.  Here are some new ducks sets we've added. And we're adding more soon!

– Posted on 09/13/2010

40% Discount

This promotion has ended.

Are you buying a Korean Wedding Duck set as a wedding gift or for a wedding ceremony? These make a great addition to the bride & groom table or Paebaek table. If you promise to send us photos of these ducks at the wedding ceremony so we can publish them on our site, we'll give you a 40% discount!

  1. The photos can, but don't have to contain the bridge and groom. Of course we prefer if the photos were with the newlyweds!
  2. Please make the ducks the central focus point of the photo. You can send more than one.
  3. Please send us the first names of the couple and the city where the wedding took place.

Pretty simple right? Let us know via email if you have any questions! Feel free to write us in Korean or English.

The offer is good on the following ducks:

– Posted on 07/11/2010

Duck Tales

Classic Korean Wedding Ducks

Wow, this fellow named Kunal Anand created his own Korean Wedding Ducks. No offense to Kunal, the ones we have are a bit prettier :) - at the same time, I would have to honestly admit I would prefer being gifted a pair a friend made personally - alas not everyone has a bandsaw. Hmm, this reminds me how much I would like to get into woodworking.

Check out the full post: The Duck Tales and Steve's post: Duck Tales.

– Posted on 06/24/2010

What is the significance of ducks at a Korean wedding?

In the above video, Norine Dresser answers the question, "What is the significance of ducks at a Korean wedding?" Although brief, I think it covers the basics well. I have to disagree with her on how she phrases the feelings of the "younger generation" about this tradition. She probably just meant that younger folks don't see them as being absolutely necessary part of the wedding ceremony. That's probably true, but we have also claimed this tradition for ourselves as well in new fun ways as Rick and Sara have (see our article on Navigating the Newlywed Years).

– Posted on 06/23/2010

Navigating the Newlywed Years

Below is an expert from the Richmond Magazine on a couple who found Korean Wedding Ducks to be helpful in keeping harmony in their relationship! Link to the full article.

A pair of wooden wedding ducks helps strengthen Rick and Sara Snyder’s marriage during trying times. Friends brought the souvenirs from Korea, where tradition dictates that the position of the ducks symbolizes marital satisfaction. Beak to beak means harmony; tail to tail signals a standoff. The Snyders, both 26, keep their ducks atop the mantel in their home, and when there’s tension between them, they use the ducks’ positioning to defuse it.

“When we’re having a disagreement, one of us goes and turns the ducks around [tail to tail],” Rick explains, “and the other person starts laughing.” Rick, whose sense of humor was one of the first things that attracted Sara to him, recommends a little levity when one partner has ruffled tail feathers.

For those conflicts that a little duck maneuvering won’t fix, Rick and Sara advise putting yourself in your mate’s shoes. And be aware of the other’s communication style, they add. (Sara tends to clam up when she’s tense.) Understanding each other’s personality facilitates compromise.

The Snyders, who met in college and were friends for months before dating, find that sharing activities, particularly new experiences, brings them closer together. Best of all, the experiences don’t need to be extraordinary. Simply cook a new recipe for dinner, Rick and Sara suggest, or visit a new park.  

Ultimately, the key to the Snyders’ marital success, a principle they recommend to any couple, is not taking the other person for granted. “Each and every day we show and tell each other we appreciate each other and love each other,” Sara says.

– Posted on 05/24/2010

Free Shipping in US

We now offer free shipping! Ok, I won't patronize you, "free" means that the some of the cost of shipping is calculated into our prices. But seriously, we are reducing the overall price of what used to be the price of our items + shipping. We did this to make the purchasing process simpler and more direct — I for one always appreciate direct upfront prices. We ship everything Priority Mail which take 2-3 in the US. If you live outside of the US, please email us, we will get you a quote on the shipping.

– Posted on 05/20/2010

Wedding Favors

Korean Wedding Ducks - Wedding Favors - Refrigerator Magnets

The magnet set in our store is a perfect wedding favor. However, at $10 a set we understand it might be a little expensive.

First, let us know about the size of your wedding and when you would need them. I'm sure we can work out a reasonable discount that can work for you and we'll ship for free!

Also, we are expanding our collection of items perfect for use as wedding favors for Korean Weddings. We're already on our way of getting in shipments of items from $2-10/piece that would be great as favors.

So if you're having a wedding, let me know!

– Posted on 04/01/2010


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