Below is an expert from the Richmond Magazine on a couple who found Korean Wedding Ducks to be helpful in keeping harmony in their relationship! Link to the full article.

A pair of wooden wedding ducks helps strengthen Rick and Sara Snyder’s marriage during trying times. Friends brought the souvenirs from Korea, where tradition dictates that the position of the ducks symbolizes marital satisfaction. Beak to beak means harmony; tail to tail signals a standoff. The Snyders, both 26, keep their ducks atop the mantel in their home, and when there’s tension between them, they use the ducks’ positioning to defuse it.

“When we’re having a disagreement, one of us goes and turns the ducks around [tail to tail],” Rick explains, “and the other person starts laughing.” Rick, whose sense of humor was one of the first things that attracted Sara to him, recommends a little levity when one partner has ruffled tail feathers.

For those conflicts that a little duck maneuvering won’t fix, Rick and Sara advise putting yourself in your mate’s shoes. And be aware of the other’s communication style, they add. (Sara tends to clam up when she’s tense.) Understanding each other’s personality facilitates compromise.

The Snyders, who met in college and were friends for months before dating, find that sharing activities, particularly new experiences, brings them closer together. Best of all, the experiences don’t need to be extraordinary. Simply cook a new recipe for dinner, Rick and Sara suggest, or visit a new park.  

Ultimately, the key to the Snyders’ marital success, a principle they recommend to any couple, is not taking the other person for granted. “Each and every day we show and tell each other we appreciate each other and love each other,” Sara says.